Catering by Brambles – a full service for you and your guests

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Catering by Brambles.

We take care of catering for you in Brambles As many of our customers would confirm. Brambles specialist team of experienced caterers will always leave you in no doubt that you can rely on them for a professionally executed event. Your order will be carefully managed by our events manager who will ensure everything is… Read more »

Non dairy milk alternative at Brambles

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almond milk non dairy milk

Cow’s  milk isn’t  the only option for tasty milk.   A lot of people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle alternative to cut down on animal products. With this change non dairy milk is becoming very popular. Because we want to give our customers the best experience and we are coming up front customers needs you can find… Read more »

Why is so important to be eco – friendly and recycle?

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We think it is very important to be eco – friendly and recycle. GO GREEN – ECO – FRIENDLY – RECYCLE –REUSE – REDUCE – REBUY     Recycling is the process of converting waste into new, usable materials. Also Recycling can prevent the waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh… Read more »

All about our friendly staff and service for our customers

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Friendly & welcoming staff for customers

Our friendly staff  and service welcomes customers to visit in Brambles   Experienced Staff Our business simply would not work without experienced staff. Encouraged by cooperation, teamwork and participation. Both internally and externally. We maintain the high standards we determined on behalf of our customers. Our staff are expertly trained. From our team of chefs… Read more »

Weekend Plans

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Well, we’re almost there now. Two days until we all finish up for the weekend and desperately look for something to keep us entertained. Well if you are free this weekend and don’t plan on spending a fortune on entertainment then why not take a visit to some of the fantastic events going on in… Read more »