Friendly & welcoming staff for customers

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Our friendly staff  and service welcomes customers to visit in Brambles


Experienced Staff

Our business simply would not work without experienced staff. Encouraged by cooperation, teamwork and participation. Both internally and externally. We maintain the high standards we determined on behalf of our customers.

Our staff are expertly trained. From our team of chefs & pastry experts, to our catering professionals, baristas and training crew. Because of that we take pride in giving every customer a uniquely pleasant experience. And is inspired by the family ethos which personifies everything we do.

Nearly early 300 staff and over 25 locations throughout Ireland. However Brambles centrally manage each café and restaurant.


Brambles encourage staff to interact with customers. And we find interaction is the best way to improve service also increase spend and keep our staff focused and happy.

Our “Assisted Service” means we interact with each and every customer and don’t just stand behind a counter.


Friendly staff

Staff in are our front of house and it is they who carry our message and ethos to our customers. Our staff are focus on ensuring customer remember their visit and spread the word about us. Because our friendly staff is for our customers.


our friendly staff and service for our customer

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Justyna Roj