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Midweek dinners


Midweek dinners can be an absolute chore and the temptation to reach for the phone, or the freezer plays on everyones mind. This gorgeous, light but satisfying fish dish is an absolute corker! So easy to prepare and cook, this will take no more then 30minutes to prepare and it will definitely be quicker then any take away.

The key is to do some basic fundementals such as clean down your kitchen, boil the kettle and pre-heat your oven. A good knife is helpful, but by no means essential in this recipe. However if you are a home cook who enjoys cooking and cooks regularly then it is a tool you shouldn’t be without. Don’t go spending hundreds of euro. Invest in a decent knife for about €30 and keep it nice and sharp. A good tip to keeping your knife sharp is using wooden chopping boards. Glass chopping boards wear down the blade and you will have to sharpen a lot more often.

Anyway, that’s all the boring stuff so here’s your midweek recipe. A beautiful baked fillet of hake with a tomato and basil sauce and yummy roast new potatoes. So simple, so delicous and so reliable. No fear of overcooking as the beautiful sauce will keep the fish beautifully moist.


Hope you try it and enjoy. If you do try it be sure to let us know what you thought and share your pictures with us! 🙂

Till Next Time Bramblers!
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