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Meat food provenance at Brambles


food provenance

Because food provenance is important to you, food provenance is important to us.

Where and how foods is produced is important to the quality and taste that we provide to you. That why at Brambles our meat is 100% Irish from quality suppliers.

Crawford’s in County Tipperary

They are supply a beef and raise their animals on pasture in rotations to replicate natural systems. Also they are using grain grown on the farm for food. The entire holding is certified organic. And as a result your beef comes to you free of pesticides, herbicides and anything else artificial. Just as nature intended. Which is great for everybody.

Sausages and Pudding are from Crowe’s Farm, Co. Tipperary.

Supplier is of 100 % natural and local meat. Based in the heart of the Golden Vale in Tipperary. Outdoor reared pigs are raised on the family farm. They use  traditional farming methods. Which are sympathetic to animal welfare given the Irish climate. Each animal from Crowe’s Farm is slow reared. To ensure healthy,happy pigs who can access the outdoors ad-hoc.

Our Lamb is from County Wexford

A perfect climate to produce world class lamb such as grass fed and free range.

McCarren Farm, Co. Cavan.

Our bacon suppliers have over 30 years of experience in providing customers with the highest quality in meat products. Efficiency and sustainability are key on McCarren Farm. Where cattle are fed home grown crops of barley, wheat and maize. As a result they provide high quality and delicious bacon.

Callan Bacon, Co. Tipperary also provide us with  our bacon requirements.

Callan Bacon is exist on the market since 1924. And now is the largest bacon processor in Ireland. Cased in the town of Callan in south Kilkenny. Over the years company has won numerous awards. Such as the Great Taste Award 2013 – Truly Irish Traditional Sliced Bacon; Deloitte – Best Managed Companies. Another award is Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce – Overall Business of the year 2013. Also Kilkenny Chamber of Commerce – Exporter Award 2013 and Blas na hEireann – Gold Medal Winners. Finally Ernst & Young – Entrepreneur of The Year.

Pork – Carrigslaney, County Carlow

Carrigslaney is our pork suppliers. Company nestled deep in the heart of the picturesque Slaney Valley, County Carlow. The farm produces the highest quality free range pork. And all customers like it 🙂


The world is full of good quality food  we’re finding it for you. Because dinner shouldn’t just be delicious, it should be amazing!

food provenance


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