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Now that you know a bit more about Brambles we can dig deep and introduce you to our Kitchen and how we produce what we produce.

As we hope you are aware, we take great pride in using Irish ingredients. However these ingredients deserve to be handled with care and love. That’s why each and every ingredient we bring into our kitchen and bakery is prepared by hand…Well with the exception of whipping gallons of cream…We’ll let the magimix look after that one!!

We prepare thousands of ingredients daily to ensure we can serve artisan food to you in all of our cafés daily. We take care with the simplest products, even our homemade sausage rolls. Irish pork is mixed with herbs, sweated onion, salt & pepper to give you a flavour you don’t get anywhere else. We roll our own pastry, brush it with fresh Irish eggs and for the ‘herby fellers’ we top them with ‘pimping’ poppy seeds!!


Our Chefs Preparing Sausage Rolls


Our homemade Brown Soda Bread is a thing of beauty. It is light, full of flavour and topped with crunchy pumpkin seeds to give you a texture and flavour you can’t get anywhere else. No yeast, no additives, just pure ingredients handled with skill and care.


Yummy Brown Bread & Butter

Everything we stand for is in the freshness of our products. We are determined to offer the best food we can. Is there anything you want to know about our produce? Come on now, don’t be shy…

Till next time foodies,
‘Keep it local’