Catering by Brambles – a full service for you and your guests

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Catering by Brambles.

We take care of catering for you in Brambles As many of our customers would confirm. Brambles specialist team of experienced caterers will always leave you in no doubt that you can rely on them for a professionally executed event. Your order will be carefully managed by our events manager who will ensure everything is… Read more »

Non dairy milk alternative at Brambles

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almond milk non dairy milk

Cow’s  milk isn’t  the only option for tasty milk.   A lot of people are choosing a plant-based lifestyle alternative to cut down on animal products. With this change non dairy milk is becoming very popular. Because we want to give our customers the best experience and we are coming up front customers needs you can find… Read more »

How to use old coffee grounds in the garden?

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Do you like a natural, eco fertilizer for your garden? If yes, we have a great solution for you using our coffee grounds. Use used coffee grounds in your garden as a natural, organic fertilizer. We can offer in our restaurant FREE bags of used coffee grounds to enrich your gardens. What do you think?… Read more »

Veggie Recipe by Brambles

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Veggie Recipe

Veggie Recipe by Brambles   It’s been a long weekend filled with barbecues and possibly, maybe, a few beers! I don’t know about you but my body is craving nutrition. Veggies are the order of the day, so I thought I’d share this Veggie recipe for anyone who feels like I do, needy! This gorgeous… Read more »